Preparing for 2013

It’s mid March and I cannot wait to get into the garden. Every morning I look outside and ponder if the snow will finally melt away.

In the fall, I decided to try lasagna gardening! No, I did not lay down a layer of Catelli lasagna noodles and tomato sauce and hope for the best. Instead, lasagna gardening is the process of alternating green and brown garden matter in such a way that rich soil is created for the upcoming year. See here for a better description of how this is done!

Step 1: Suffocating the grass

photo (18)photo (21)

Step 2: Alternating green and brown garden matter

photo (22)photo (20)photo (24)

In the process, I realized I created an optimal mouse nest all around my house (typical). Thank goodness, Rico, my cat is an excellent hunter. See Exhibit A (unfortunately this was a midnight gift).

IMG_6901IMG_6896 IMG_6899

Step 3: Wait and dream…

photo (17)photo (23)

I’ve got lots of updates to provide in the upcoming days, so check back soon!


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