A lil’ extra love

My garden is full of hearts! Really. Last fall I  was surprised to dig up a little glass heart jewel around my compost. I thought it was cute and a fun trinket that had found it’s way into the garden  (placed there by past owners during the house’s 70 year history perhaps?).

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.52.15 AM

Heart found in September

As I was officially tilling up the dirt in the backyard (a big day!), I was so amused to dig up a beautiful blue glass heart once more- many metres away from where I had discovered the first! I feel it’s a sign. A sign that the garden and house are full of love and positive energy.


Heart found in April!

I took the seedlings outside yesterday, as I spent 5 hours tilling, and figured a 20 degree day can only bring out the best in both the plants and myself. With a tan on my shoulders (I changed out of the denim shirt and black pants pretty quickly as the sun beat down on me), I sat back at the end of the day and was full of happiness. I went a bit tiller crazy and dug up a large portion of the front lawn. Look Zach! We’re going to need more plants!


Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.49.57 AM

Enjoying the sun outdoors


Back indoors for these little guys

We’re finishing up all of the boxes today! I have a new friend coming over to help and I can’t wait to be outside all day.


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