Building raised beds? You’re going to need a compost


I’m back! Holy moly it’s been 3 years! yadda yadda yadda … got married… had a kid… still gardening, ha!

Today’s post is about composting. Boring… nope! I can’t get over the fact that the million breakfast egg shells we discard every year, combined with grass cuttings, one trillion weeds, rotten vegetables from the fridge (guilty), and fall leaves manage to decompose into the most beautiful black earth you will ever see.

3 years ago, we built nine raised beds. One of them is enormous and obnoxiously deep. I added hay to the bottom of this bed in its inaugural year to save soil, and every year the dirt sinks a half foot or so as the hay breaks down.  If I had to fill that bed with purchased bags of soil, I would be broke and there would be no money left to justify those yummy iced coffees from Urban Almanac (that giant ice-cube is glorious).


So Zach took on the task of building a compost. In classic Zach-Roxy fashion, we disputed who’s design was best. In the end, Zach won, and a little piece of garden design was his to call his own.

Bottom line- a compost is absolutely necessary if you have raised beds. Each year you will need to top up your beds a bit as soil is lost through weeding, pulling out plants, and because it compacts down with time. Not to mention it’s important to give back to the earth to ensure bountiful harvests in future years.

What’s the science behind composting?  I don’t know! Just throw it all in and hope for the best! Works for me!

A compost provides you with great soil, and it’s free!




One thought on “Building raised beds? You’re going to need a compost

  1. Ha! I think many people use the throw it in method and it indeed works just fine. Composting is one of my favorite things! If you want to speed things up and help it along – cut the kitchen scraps into small pieces before adding to the mix (you can even put used egg shells in a blender/good processor), mix/turn the pile frequently and keep it moist, but not wet!

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