I love  everything about gardening. In addition to the abundance of beautiful fresh vivid food it produces, I love the therapeutic nature of gardening. Not only does it remove weeds from the garden, but weeds from my own mind. It’s inevitable that thoughts race through your head during the repetitive steps of maintaining a garden, and only gardening will give you enough time to acknowledge and process them. I enjoy twiddling away, establishing new rituals, learning from mother nature, and just feeling so damn good to be outside. I love that every May to October dirt seeps into the creases of my hands. I love seeing the dirt rinse off my feet in the much needed afternoon post-gardening showers on a hot 30 degree summer day. You know you worked hard. You know it was good.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve inspired me to start planning and organizing to create my own gardens. Thanks Roxana! I’ll be checking your site ofter to compare how we are both making out…no pressure..just for fun!

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