Building raised beds? You’re going to need a compost

I’m back! Holy moly it’s been 3 years! yadda yadda yadda … got married… had a kid… still gardening, ha! Today’s post is about composting. Boring… nope! I can’t get over the fact that the million breakfast egg shells we discard every year, combined with grass cuttings, one trillion weeds, rotten vegetables from the fridge […]

The Edible Garden, as they say…

      Summer is here! I love the sun and heat and so do my plants! I was getting a little worried, watching the poor things struggle through the heavy rain and cold June. But alas, a few hot days and yahoo! Here they are ūüôā We’ve started to enjoy kale salads and look […]

Oh In the Month of May…

May was a busy month! In addition to finishing up reports for¬†Farm to Cafeteria Canada¬†and working for the¬†New Brunswick Food Security Action Network, well… life happened! Getting out into the garden is where I find the most peace. It’s where I re-energize. I can spend 5 hours straight lifting heavy boulders, turning over heavy wheel […]

Sneak Peak

Spot Roxy and Rico Tada!!! Yep, I built this! Rico approves of the new perch! These are not warping out of place if I have anything to do with it!¬†¬† Thank you to everyone who has helped cut cedar planks (Peter and Maddy), move wood (Peter, Zach, and Gina), level the ground and place the […]

A lil’ extra love

My garden is full of hearts! Really. Last fall I ¬†was surprised to dig up a little glass heart jewel around my compost. I thought it was cute and a fun trinket that had found it’s way into the garden ¬†(placed there by past owners during the house’s 70 year history perhaps?). As I was […]

Good Things Come in Three

Working away on the raised beds today. There’s still 6 more to build of various heights. Looking forward to when the rest of the cedar planks come in. This will have to wait until we get back from a much needed trip back to Alberta to visit friends, family, and the mountains. But stay tuned! […]


Today was lumber yard day! After many revised calculations and “shhhh… I’m trying to count in my head”, I finally headed to Devon Lumber¬†to pick out my 2x8x8′ ¬†cedar boards, 2x2x6′ supports, and 4″ and 3.5″screws. Do I know what I’m taking about? I’m proud to say that as of this week I do. Although […]

Quirks and Quark

Today couldn’t have been a more lovely day. It started with a stroll to the market to pick up ingredients for Easter Brunch. I picked up some Jeff’s Best Buckwheat¬†flour for my secret blueberry banana pancakes, Armadale quark cheese for my German cheesecake, also known as¬†K√§sekuchen, and eggs to colour! My childhood has always consisted […]

Making Lois Proud

Although I never had a chance to meet Lois Hole, my idol and mentor, she has shaped my aspirations and life goals. Lois engrained the concept that every child in this world should spend time in a garden and know how to grow their own food. Communities have the capacity to support one another, and […]

Preparing for 2013

It’s mid March and I cannot wait to get into the garden. Every morning I look outside and ponder if the snow will finally melt away. In the fall, I decided to try lasagna gardening! No, I did not lay down a layer of Catelli lasagna noodles and tomato sauce and hope for the best. […]